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Commonwealth Business Development, LLC is committed to working both in the Private sector as well as in the Public sector, because CBD takes the Techno – Communitarian view that in an interdependent world; government is not the enemy to be overcome, but a partner to be mobilized.

Other Services

Preparation of 501(c)(3) Application for Non~Profit Corporation

The Consultant will prepare and complete a 501 (c)(3) Application [IRS Form 1023] plus all accompanying Exhibits.


Preparation of Form SS-4 for Federal Tax ID Number
Preparation and filing of the Federal [Form SS-4} Application for an Employer Identification Number 
Preparation of Form 10A100 for State Tax ID Number

Preparation and filing of the State [Form 10A100] Application for a State Tax ID Number.

Name Reservation

Preparation of RES Form. This will provide Client with a confirmation that his/her company name is reserved by the Secretary of State.

Preparation of Private Offering Memorandum/SCOR

Preparation of a Private Offering Memorandum/SCOR as a method of raising monies for a particular business

Preparation of DBE Certification Application

Preparation of Application Package that certifies that a business qualifies to be a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.

Preparation of Federal Trademark Application
Preparation and Submittal of a Federal Trademark Application


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