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In the Public sector CBD:

Advises city and county agencies and helps shape and fine tune their economic development programs;

demonstrates how to capture and recycle economic development dollars to finance other community development projects through loan processing fees, interest on Community Development Block Grant financing and revolving loan funds;

  provides ongoing support for downtown business revitalization, urban renewal zone formation, and small business/industrial job creation;

assists in coordination of the economic development grant, loan and/or guarantee programs from the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), Rural Development Administration (RDA), Small Business Administration (SBA), Economic Development Administration (EDA), Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA), Kentucky Rural Economic Development Authority (KREDA), and other federal and state agency sources;

assists in obtaining working relationships and written commitments to participate in economic development financing programs emphasizing the use of federal agency grants, loans and loan guarantee programs to encourage fixed asset long-term financing from commercial banks, savings and other financial institutions; and,

assists in establishing an effective marketing program including press conferences, promotional brochures, and other similar marketing techniques. This marketing program is directed at businesses and financial institutions in order to expose them to the financial incentives offered by and/or through a municipality.



In the Private sector CBD:

Provides Business Plans for business owners and/or entrepreneurs. This formal document outlines what the company wants to achieve and how it plans to do it over a specific period of time. By preparing this document, the company’s management not only has a clear guide to operations, but lenders and/or investors are informed about the financial prospects of the company;

provides Loan Presentations. This document is designed to favorably present a financing proposal to lending institutions, by providing information about the transaction and the borrower in a format familiar and useful to the lender; and, assists in obtaining loan and/or equity monies from private financial  institutions as well as economic development grants, loans and/or loan guarantees from agencies mentioned above.




Our Services

CBD’s basic function has always been to provide Technical Assistance.  CBD works with our clients to take their development strategies from concept to reality.

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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is more than consulting. We don’t do abstract studies and we don’t write abstract reports. We procure funds for businesses and government organizations. CBD believes that the best results are achieved through strong working relationships, both internally and with clients. Built initially upon personal rapport and mutual trust, these relationships continue to develop because of a policy to align CBD’s interests directly with those of its clients. This commonality of goals provides the thread which weaves each phase of the development process into a well coordinated, successful effort.


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Corporate Documentation

CBD creates and files corporate documentation with the appropriate public agencies. Firm provides this service but does not give legal advice. We recommend a discussion with your attorney/tax advisor to determine the value of incorporating. However, it is not necessary to employ the services of an attorney to form a corporate entity.



Grant Writing Assistance

CBD works closely with nonprofit groups to write grant proposals which can be used to cover operational as well as capital expenditures.

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