Clark S. Cox, II

Managing Partner

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Mr. Cox has a background in retail and commercial banking at both regional (First National Bank of Louisville, now PNC) and money center institutions (Bank of America NT&SA). Subject is skilled in manufacturing accounting procedures, having been in the Financial Management Program at General Electric Company. Subject is also skilled in Public sector finance, having served as Assistant Cabinet Director and Director of Financial Services of the City of Louisville’s Economic Development Cabinet. Responsible for all HUD, SBA, and EDA funding through non-profit lending vehicles of the City of Louisville. Subject is a graduate of Centre College and holds a BA in Political Science.

Subject accomplished several milestones while at the City, none of which have been surpassed. 

Leverage Ratio of Public/Private Funds:                                                                             

One to twenty-three, that is, for every one dollar of Public money (CDBG) invested in a business, the private sector invested twenty-three dollars. Total funding exceeded $20 million.

Industrial Revenue Bond Financing: 
$300 million for commercial, housing, and industrial projects.
Urban Development Action Grants:  
Grants leveraged $40 million in total project funding.


Only HUD 108 Loan Guarantee that the City of Louisville approved that had a repayment schedule and gave the City a management position in a major downtown project ($2.5 million).

First IRB issued in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to a Minority Business Enterprise for a commercial development ($1.0 million).

First dual site SBA 504 Loan involving substantial leasehold improvements in Kentucky. Only second use of this type of financing in southeast United States. ($1.5 million)

First IRB/SBA504 combination financing for a project ($600,000). Only second use of this type of financing in southeast United States.

First use of CD Float Loan Program, which was used to build two multi-story parking garages serving the Central Business District. Use of this Program saved the Parking Authority of River City [PARC] over $900,000 in construction loan interest.

Subject also served six (6) years as Resident Economic Developer within the Housing Authority of Louisville where he planned and directed self employment programs for eight (8) large multifamily developments with an additional nineteen (19) scattered site locations for approximately 15,000 public housing residents. 

Formulated and directed comprehensive micro-enterprise development component which entailed the concepts of entrepreneurial training, mentoring, and procurement for capital funding through the Revolving Loan Fund and the Collateral Reserve Fund.

Worked with Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of Louisville, business executives, attorneys, political officials, and community civic leaders in drafting and submitting progressive business plans for special projects to finance programs and job creation for public housing residents.

Responsible for drafting, submitting, and receiving the only approved federal grant funds for fiscal year 1994 for the state of Kentucky in the amount of $90,000 for the YouthBuild Program through the Department of Housing & Urban Development for the Housing Authority of Louisville.

Responsible for drafting, submitting, and receiving two of only three approved federal grants for fiscal year 1997 for the state of Kentucky in the amount of $100,000 each for the Tenant Opportunity Program through the Department of Housing & Urban Development for the Housing Authority of Louisville.

Successfully acquired public and private funding for ten (10)  micro business projects in excess of $65,000. The business owners are no longer on Public Assistance.

Formulated initial financing strategy which later served as the basis for the final project development funding for the Park DuValle Project.

In addition to the public and private sources which have been available over the extent of the Subject’s career, the Subject has since developed ties with a number of investment banking firms located in New York City, Atlanta, and Detroit as well as foreign contacts in Montreal, Hong Kong, Beijing, London, and Johannesburg. 

Mr. Cox provides expertise in the following fields: 
    •    General Management
        ◦    Feasibility studies 
        ◦    Organization & Structure
        ◦    Formulating corporate policy 
        ◦    Business Plan preparation

    •    Project Structuring
        ◦    Incubator Development
        ◦    Grantsmanship
        ◦    Packaging of Financial Mechanisms (Debt/Equity)
        ◦    Downtown Revitalization
        ◦    Private Placements
        ◦    Non-Profit Community Development Corporation


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