Phillip L. Buchanan 

Partner & Vice President of Operations


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Mr. Buchanan’s expertise lies in the following areas; Board development, personnel issues, recruitment, good business management practices, marketing, and negotiations. Subject is a Human Resource Recruiter with special depth in recruitment practices as well as organizational development for profit and nonprofit businesses. Mr. Buchanan has had extensive interfacing with high levels of business management intelligence strategies,

as well as government, private and public agencies. Subject has demonstrated success in capacity building, negotiating, and securing grant support with reputable foundations, donors, and the business community.  Subject is a graduate of the University of Louisville and holds a BS in Business Commerce.

Mr. Buchanan is presently Chairman & Executive Director of Richard Allen Community Services, Inc. Minneapolis, MN. He is the Chief Administrative Officer over a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) community based organization. Responsible for the leadership and direction of the mission, vision and overall management of an (8) member Board administration to promote community based initiatives. 

Founder of the SEED Project. A ten-week welfare to work job skills training program to assist families with job marketable skills development and obtain gainful employment. 

Key Administrator of staff, volunteers and fundraiser through grant writing for Programs to promote employment skills development, housing development and advocate for social and economic justice for communities in distressed neighborhoods.

Raised over $500,000 dollars through establishing strong relationships with local and national foundations and community agencies that support programs and service delivers for the organization.

Developed a team of business professionals and consultants to submit a $13.5 million dollar mixed use affordable housing project for a neighborhood in South Minneapolis.

Worked with Non Profit leaders and business leaders to donate computers and a job skills training program for two distressed townships in Port Elizabeth, South  Africa.

Sits on the PACE FUND Housing Committee of the St. Paul Foundation to promote affordable housing programs for communities of color in the twin cities   area.  

Mr. Buchanan is founder of PERT, INC. (Personnel Employment Referral & Training). He is the President & Chief Executive Officer. 
Developed and consulted with high levels of Human Resource Managers and Administrators of large and small companies,

nationwide, in the areas of management, marketing, computer science technology, engineering, and chemistry for gainful opportunities of employment.

Instituted a network for Asian Americans who have worked on Post Doctorate Degrees within the United States to obtain gainful employment and professional careers. Diverse backgrounds ranged from high tech to computer science.

Subject also worked as a Case Manager Employment Specialist/Mayor’s Urban Employment Project & Skills Bank Coordinator. He was responsible for the recruitment, selection, and training (50) fifty disadvantaged youth from the most impoverished area of the City of Louisville between the ages of 18 to 25 years of age to obtain gainful employment. Networked with local officials, civic leaders, educators and business leaders to promote the project for community support. 

Successfully helped place disadvantaged youth into on the job training and apprenticeship programs for gainful employment in the workforce.

Organized and developed a Mentoring Committee, Mentors and Mentoring Manual for the purpose to communicate with disadvantaged youth for employment opportunities.

Instructed and trained disadvantaged youth and the chronic unemployed about basic Life Skills for the improvement to obtain work ethics and employment in the workforce.

Provided support services in the areas of health care, legal aid and employment assistance for disadvantaged youth in the Mayors’ Urban Employment Project.

Coordinated and operated the Skills Bank to recruit screen and recommend potential clients for gainful opportunities to large and small businesses through   the Louisville Urban League.

Interacted with private businesses (through the Skills Bank) and public agencies that had a specific need to hire qualified individuals for their organization. Made  referrals and recommendations to Human Resource Managers, for qualified individuals to be considered for skilled and unskilled positions.

Based upon major interests and past experience, Mr. Buchanan provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Profit & Non Profit Board Development Structure
  • Grant Writing Skills/Fundraising
  •  Capacity Team Building in Community & Economic Development Initiatives
  • The Human Resources Function – Human Capital Development
  • Best Practices, Business Intelligence Strategies



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